4 Tips for Planning The Perfect Reunion

A class reunion is an event many people look forward to, an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, reminisce and even proudly show off your accomplishments. If you have been given the task of planning your school’s class reunion, you may be wondering where to begin. You want it to be an event to remember, the perfect complement to the fun school years you all shared.

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind during the planning process to ensure the big event goes off without a hitch.

Connect with Your Classmates

The first step to planning your class reunion is also arguably the most important: putting together the guest list. Tracking down your classmates can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, although, in this day and age of social media, it has become easier than in years past.

Lock Down a Date

Once you have connected with your classmates, it is time to decide on a date for the event. Try suggesting a handful of different dates, asking for input from your classmates.

Form a Committee

Taking a team approach will make the planning task more manageable and will also give other classmates an enjoyable sense of ownership over the reunion. Take an inventory of individual strengths, as well as resources or connections that certain classmates will have.

Think Venues.

The location of your reunion plays a significant role in the overall ambiance of the event, so choose wisely. Green Mill Catering has 27 different properties in the upper Midwest, offering a variety of unique options. Our locations range from our Roseville, MN, restaurant with space for up to 30 people all the way up to the Green Mill in Willmar, MN, accommodating up to 1,300 guests.

Think Catering

Your classmates will be happy to enjoy each other’s company, but they will also want to eat well at the reunion. Choose a catering company that can offer a variety of quality dishes so that you can be sure to accommodate specific tastes and dietary needs. You should also ask your caterer if they provide beverage services. Finally, the catering staff should strive for excellent service, with the experience and knowledge to help you make the event go smoothly.

As you plan your class reunion, keep Green Mill Catering in mind. With our long list of venues, full beverage service, experienced staff and commitment to excellence, we can help you plan the perfect class reunion. Your classmates will be talking about the fun memories and good times for years to come.