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How to Choose a Caterer

When you are planning a special event, no detail is too small. We understand the importance of food at an event and you should rely on a professional caterer to take care of the menu and the details, making your planning experience a pleasant one. After all, sourcing the food, preparing, and cooking for the masses is a difficult and costly task to do on your own. When you hire a caterer, they can order the freshest ingredients from local purveyors to hand craft the dishes selected for your menu, making your event a smashing success.


Whether you’re planning a corporate event, retirement party, birthday shindig, or grand gala, you should be choosey about who you hire for your catering services because your event is important. How do you go about selecting the right caterer? We will help you through the process by explaining what to look for in a professional caterer. Read on to gain confidence in how to choose the perfect caterer for you.


Professional Service

A professional caterer should be just that, professional. That equates to being prompt with communicating about the details and plans for your event. They should listen, be clear with what to expect, and strive to meet your needs respectfully at every step of the planning process. If you send in an inquiry, you should be able to tell their communication style by how quickly they respond.


They Have Experience

You are putting a whole lot of time, effort, and money into your special event. Don’t just hire any catering company. A great caterer will have years of experience. Due to that experience, they should have countless client reviews to show the quality and execution of past events. This will provide you with evidence of their track record and make you confident that you’re making the right choice.


Your Event is Their Event

One of the best ways to identify a quality caterer is how they treat your event. Are they asking the right questions? Are they taking the time to talk through your ideas? Are they open to customizations to make your event extra special?


A great caterer will treat your event like its their own. Their success rides on your success and they should provide the best service to you throughout the planning process and on the day of your event.


Customizations Are Welcome

Your guests list may have different preferences and you may have some with dietary restrictions that need to be accommodated. With proper notification and planning, your caterer should welcome these special requests. You want to make sure that all your guests are treated well, get a full meal, and are carefully considered. Your caterer should understand that and do what they can to make your guests happy and your event memorable. It’s best to work with a caterer that is flexible and willing to help create a menu that best suits your event theme and your guests.


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Check out our offerings to see the variety of creative dishes to create your perfect menu. We will help you customize your selection so all your guests are accommodated. Let us impress you with our attention to detail and professional services. Inquire now to get started planning your special event catering with Green Mill Catering.