Catering for Nonprofits & Charity Events

Charity & nonprofit events are an integral tool to raise awareness and funds for charitable foundations. It may be one night in a year when you take the chance to help build support by drawing people’s attention to the cause you champion.

Choosing the ideal menu for your nonprofit or charity event entails more than just food. Whether it’s an elegant buffet or butler passed hors d’oeuvres, what you decide to serve your guests sets the tone for the event.

Your fundraiser ought to stand out and leave an excellent lifelong impression, which significantly affects the success of your fundraising efforts. Green Mill Catering can help you attain that by delivering world-class food and service to make your charity event truly special.


Why You Need Nonprofit Events Catering

Again, catering is key to throwing a successful charity or nonprofit event. Why? Because of everything that happens in any event, everyone remembers one thing – the food! That is exactly why you should hire Green Mill Catering for your next event.

Make the Right Impression

Serving fresh, top-tier dishes at your charity event is something your potential donors will appreciate and enjoy. It makes them feel well valued and respected, and leaving a lasting impression goes a long way.

Service Matters

Of course, coordinating the food, serving your guests, and still having to clean up everything is the last thing you need – call that a disaster recipe. Ensuring a smooth flow for the event is crucial to its success. Allowing Green Mill Catering to handle your catering is always the best option.

Types of Charity & Nonprofit Events We Cater

Charity events raise money for a cause or organization. They can take different forms, all of which could use a top-tier catering service. The most typical types of charity and nonprofit events include:

  • Gala dinners
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Challenge-based and other sporting events
  • Pop-up shops
  • Theater and art previews
  • Auctions
  • Fashion shows
  • Stand-up comedy shows or music concerts


Choose Green Mill Catering

Green Mill Catering offers premier catering services to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Here are just a few reasons why our clients love to hire us for their events:

An Array of Options

Customizing your event’s menu is essential if you want your event to be a hit. We go above and beyond to offer you plenty of tasty options, from premier choices designed to satisfy all palates – to formal appetites and even grille-house favorites.


With vast experience in the business, our event coordinators walk you through planning to make your fundraising event the talk of the town. Check out our venue suggestions in the Twin Cities and surrounding area. Our menus feature award-winning dishes proudly improvised by our dedicated in-house chefs.

A Special Night to Shine

Fundraising events are special events you can’t afford to be distracted from hosting. Leave everything to our staff at Green Mill Catering – we pay attention to detail, ensuring your guests enjoy a delectable charity event. While we worry about the food, drinks, and service, you can be hard at work mingling with guests and hosting a successful event.


Your Go-To Charity & Nonprofit Events Caterer in the Twin Cities Area & Beyond

At Green Mill Catering, we boast a wealth of experience offering catering services for special events, from national nonprofits to small fundraisers for local organizations.

We understand the unique set of challenges accompanying nonprofit catering. But we also understand that delivering an unforgettable dining experience is vital and goes a long way to making your charity event successful.

Send us an inquiry today, and let us help with your next charity or nonprofit event!

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