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We can all agree that events and food will always go hand in hand. After all, every celebration or event could use some delicious energy, something Green Mill Catering can help you attain. As the premiere community events catering company in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we collaborate with clients from concept to completion to make their events successful.

Why the Need for Community Events Catering Service?

When people think they can handle the food themselves, they are surprised to realize that the whole idea only looks easy on paper. On that note, investing in catering for your community event is prudent, and the few reasons below prove that.

Saves You Time and Money

“But aren’t catering services costly?” – you may ask. The thing is, you might not fully understand the extent to which caterers help out.

Don’t just focus on the food. Think about the set-up and tear down of your event, clearing the tables, where to source top-quality ingredients at the best price, who should wait on your attendees, etc. Of course, dealing with all that in your event is the last thing you need, so hiring Green Mill Catering to help plan and care for everything is the best option.


Delivers the Right Impression

Your attendees will undoubtedly appreciate being served fresh, well-prepared, top-quality treats at your community’s special event. By doing so, you create an impressive image for yourself, which can go an extra mile in helping you to achieve what you want in your event.

Tends to Everyone’s Dietary Needs

Nowadays, many people have dietary needs to consider – some are vegan, others have varying religious restrictions and food allergies, etc. Even with top-tier ingredients and enough food for everyone, catering to all your guests’ dietary requirements could prove a difficult task for you.

On the contrary, hiring a catering service means an array of meal options for all your guests, regardless of their diet.


Types of Community Events We Can Help Cater

Community events can take varying forms, and professional catering could go a long way. A few notable examples of such events include:

Annual Meetings Lunch Meetings
Social Clubs Fundraisers
Gala Dinners Concessions for Festivals & Fairs
Community Seminars Sporting Event Concessions


Why Green Mill Catering?

At Green Mill Catering, we take pride in offering our top-notch catering services in Minnesota and Wisconsin. So, why do our clients pick us over and over again?

We Take Care of Everything

We focus on making sure you don’t have to fret about anything catering. To ensure you don’t get distracted, we’ll ensure smooth food coordination, serve your attendees, take out the trash, and clean up when the event is done and dusted.


Having been in the catering business for decades, we understand what it takes to make our clients’ events memorable. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the planning so your event pans out as you expect and, if you like, even recommend the best venue recommendations in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Diverse Menu

To make your community event stand out, we can help you customize the menu (as per your input). Whether you prefer group orders or a banquet menu for your event, trust us; we have it all. Our chefs are also open to receiving special requests and can also feature some of our in-house award-winning treats to give your guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Your Community Events Caterer of Choice in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Green Mill Catering is a full-service caterer offering all kinds of event services, from multi-course formal dinners to simple continental breakfasts. Our food quality and professionalism are top-notch, and we pride ourselves in ensuring your community event is one for your guests and you to remember.

Inquire with us today and watch us make your next event the talk of the town!



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