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3 Tips for Making Your Event Food Memorable!

We all know that food is one of the most important parts of any event. Then why not make it memorable? No one wants to eat the same old stuff when they are attending a corporate retreat, wedding, fundraiser, or the like, so why not try and shake it up?

If you are unsure of where to start, no worries! We have got you covered. Here are three catering ideas to make your event more memorable.

Keep the Appetizers Going

If you have a long event, you do not want people getting hangry (hungry-angry). Offer snacks, appetizers, and drinks at regular intervals so that you and everyone else can enjoy the day.

Things like kabobs, bruschetta, Meatballs, and Mini Egg Rolls can really make all the difference in how people will view your event, so do not be shy! Get those snacks and apps rolling.

Offer Stations

For events where you are not doing traditional plated meals, try catering stations. Your guests will love being able to decide what and how much they are going to eat.

Slider Stations, Mashed Potato Stations, and Street Taco Stations are all a big hit at a variety of different occasions, so whether you need banquet catering or fundraiser catering, stations are a fun way to make food interactive for your guests.

Make it Sweet

If we are being honest, most people cannot resist a delicious dessert. That means that having them available will make your attendees extra excited. Try offering a variety of sweets and maybe throw in a few novelties like chocolate-covered strawberries or dessert shooters. Whatever desserts you decide on, we are sure your guests will be extra grateful for the sweet treat option.

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