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Dietary Restrictions Don’t Mean Bad Food!

Having dietary restrictions from guests doesn’t mean your menu needs to be bad or boring.


At Green Mill Catering, we’re here to help clients create an impressive, and delicious menu that makes their event stand out – while catering to those with food restrictions. We understand that brainstorming promising menu ideas to cater to the masses can be difficult. So we do the tricky part and ensure your guests will remember the food quality in your event.


“Green Mill was absolutely outstanding for our wedding! They were reasonably priced and had many different meals and appetizer options. We received so many compliments from people on our food, which was great to hear!…”

~A satisfied customer from theknot.com


Want to learn more about our menu options? Read on to learn more about the dietary meal options we offer and how we can simplify the entire event planning process.


What Are Special Dietary Requirements? 

People with special dietary needs must control their intake of certain foods and nutrients. Not because they are overly conscious health individuals. It could be an allergy, intolerance to specific nutrients or religious and personal beliefs.


Regarding food, we firmly believe everyone has the right to their beliefs and personal choices. No one should be singled out because their religion prohibits a particular diet, personal preferences, or health conditions.


Green Mill Catering offers various unique cuisines for people with special dietary requirements. Whether your guests are vegetarians, vegans, intolerant to specific foods, or their religion restricts certain diets, we will help you create a perfect menu to suit their needs.


Meal Catering Options for Guests’ Dietary Needs

Whether your guests’ diet needs are dictated by religion, medical condition, or personal choice, we have meal options for everybody – including (but not limited to) those with the following diets.


1. Vegan Diet

The diet is entirely plant-based, so vegans don’t eat poultry, seafood, or meat. All animal-derived foods are off limits—no eggs, gelatin, or dairy products. Upon request, we’ll help you create a menu with a delicious vegan diet your guests will love.


“Wonderful service, and the food was amazing! We aren’t planning any other events, but we will definitely be booking with them [Green Mill] again if we do! Highly recommend!”

~A happy customer on theknot.com


2. Vegetarian Diet

It’s also a plant-based diet—No eating seafood, poultry, or meat. However, vegetarians can eat animal-derived products like honey, dairy goods, and eggs. Want some well-protected secrets of delicious vegetable cuisines for your guests? You’re just a call away from a professional caterer.


3. Lactose Intolerance Cuisine

Lactose intolerant guests cannot digest substances commonly found in milk and dairy products. It’s a medical condition that’s sometimes called dairy intolerance. We are experienced culinary professionals. Partner with us to impress your guests with tasty special diets.


4. Keto Diet

It’s a high-fat, low-carb diet that increases the burning of fats. People on the keto diet eat animal proteins (seafood, meat, and poultry), dairy products, high-fat veggies, and green vegetables.


5. Diet for Guests with Allergies

Some guests may be sensitive to certain foods like wheat, cow’s milk, peanuts, soy, and eggs. At Green Mill Catering, we consider all special dietary restrictions to help you create the perfect menu for your guests.


How to Plan Your Catering Around Guests’ Dietary Restrictions

Never worry about creating the best menu for your next event. Green Mill Catering is here to take away your menu troubles. It all starts with a complimentary tasting and ends with an incredible meal and happy guests.


We can help you plan your menu in three easy steps:


Step 1: Identify the dietary restrictions of people you’ve invited to your event. During the pre-event registration, or RSVP process, ask attendees if they have dietary restrictions.


Step 2: Communicate your guests’ dietary preferences with us. Based on the information you’ll give us, we ensure your food list accommodates guests with different dietary restrictions.


Step 3: Voila! Your menu is ready. After sharing your guests’ diet preferences with us, we use our experience to create a menu jam-packed with delicious meals your guests will love.


We will work together to create an official menu for your event that’s tasty & respectful to the dietary needs of your group.

Let’s Start Planning Your Event with Green Mill Catering!

Green Mill Catering is always working hard to provide you with the most delicious meals while catering to all dietary needs. We offer full-service catering with various menu options. We will customize our services to meet your needs and ensure you have delicious food on your menu.


Whether planning a wedding, corporate, or family event, our professional chefs ensure every meal tastes great.


When you choose us to plan your party, you know you’ll only get the best food! Our chefs prepare everything from appetizers to desserts, so you can rest assured knowing your guests will enjoy themselves during each course.


Contact Green Mill Catering today to create the perfect menu while catering to food restrictions for your guests.