Family Style vs. Plated vs. Buffet: How to Choose Your Style of Service


The right food and the right service type sets the tone for the entire event and gives guests an experience they won’t soon forget. So how do you choose the right event catering to make your soiree unforgettable? The following will explain the types of food services and the benefits each one provides.


The most formal of the three service types, plated service allows guests to enjoy their food without having to get up. A server will bring out beautifully plated meals directly to the table. In addition, everything is pre-portioned and can be expertly crafted to suit the event perfectly. As the host, you can choose the number of courses on the menu, order your guests’ preferences, and craft an awe-inspiring dining experience for your event attendees.

Family Style

This dining style is less formal than plated but still allows guests to eat their food without leaving their table. One great benefit to family style is that it encourages interaction between guests as they pass serving dishes around the table. Another advantage of family style is it allows guests to choose their portion sizes and gives them the opportunity to try a broader variety of food. It also doesn’t require you to send out preference cards and then wait for them to be returned. Family style plating is great for events where you want to encourage conversation and provide a fun dining experience.


Everyone loves buffets! They offer guests the ability to try a little bit of everything, and they encourage those in attendance to walk around and chat with others all while enjoying the event venue.  Buffets give a more laid-back vibe, but can also be dressed up with the right food selection and wait staff. No matter what the event, your guests are sure to appreciate a delicious buffet service.

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