Top 3 Reasons Fall Weddings Are the Best Weddings

When people think ‘wedding,’ they typically think of a bright spring or summer day – but what about fall? Fall is the perfect time of the year to get married for many reasons. From the crisp air and beautiful leaves to the delicious food and layered looks, everyone loves fall. Plus, the weather is mild so no one will be melting in their formal attire. So why not make it an autumn to remember and set your wedding date on a gorgeous fall day?

Here are Three Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall:


1. Fall Flavors:

Warm cinnamon cider, delicious apple tarts, hearty soups, mouthwatering turkey, pumpkin donuts – these are all amazing options that fit perfectly with a fall themed wedding. Your guests are sure to love a fall menu, and we are sure you will too. If you are looking for the best wedding catering in the Twin Cities, check out Green Mill Catering. We will help you plan your perfect fall menu in a snap.

2. Available Amenities:

Fall is quickly becoming a hot time for couples to tie the knot. So it’s important to ensure you book your vendors ahead of time!

3. Bold Colors:

Brilliant oranges, bright reds, deep purples, and forest greens all blend right into the gorgeous leafy backdrop of fall. If you want to make a statement, a fall wedding is the perfect time to do so. These bold colors will amp up the elegance and will make your wedding unique and memorable.

Make Your Fall Wedding a Day to Remember

Make sure to Book Amazing Vendors! From florists to caterers, you should pick each vendor carefully so that you can pull together a cohesive event. If you need an exceptional caterer in the Minneapolis area, Green Mill Catering is a delicious option for any wedding. No matter if your big day is a black tie soiree or a casual fall affair, we can find the menu that will accent your autumn wedding perfectly. At Green Mill Catering, we make sure to plan every last bite to perfection, so both you and your guests have a delicious and delightful time. If you would like to book an event, fill out our inquiry form or contact us today!