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Five Tips for Hosting the Perfect Large or Small Catered Event

If you’re hosting a catered event, chances are it’s for a special occasion. That means you want every aspect of your get together to be perfect, especially the food. Whether you’re hosting 50 or 500, here are five tips to help you host the perfect catered event:

1. Offer Option

As you know, everyone has a different palette. To please everyone’s tastebuds, it’s smart to choose several alternatives. Catering companies like Green Mill offer a fantastic selection of delicious options from appetizers like Bacon-Wrapped Dates and Olivetta & Goat Cheese Crostinis to entrees like Bruschetta Chicken and Baked Salmon in Dill Sauce and desserts ranging from Mini Apple Tarts to cupcakes. You can have something for everything without having to lift a finger yourself.


2. Take Allergies and Dietary Restrictions into Account:

One of the most important parts of hosting is taking into account the needs of each and every guest. Make sure to ask about any allergies and/or dietary restrictions and then let your catering company know so they can give you options for those who need special menus.


3. Choose the Right Service Option

Buffet, family-style, cocktail-style, stationed apps, or plated…there are several options catering services offer. Make sure to choose the right type of service for your particular event. If you have an especially formal event like a gala, you might choose butler passed appetizers prior to dinner and then plated service. In contrast, events like a family reunion might be better suited for a buffet. Speak with your caterer about your event goals, and they will be able to help you to choose the correct service type.


4. Figure Out Your Final Guest Count:

Before you make your final order with the caterer, make sure you have an accurate count of your guests. There is nothing worse than not having enough food, so get a count and then work with your special event catering company to figure out how much you will need. They are experts in how to feed large groups – don’t be afraid to ask for their help.


5. Choose a Reputable Caterer:

The last thing you want when planning an event is to have a vendor flake out on you, especially when it involves feeding your group. That’s why you need to do your research and choose a proven caterer who will work well with you and provide you with quality food and service.

No matter what type of event you are throwing or how many you are hosting, Green Mill Catering can help! Enquire online, and we’ll help you to throw the event of a lifetime!