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5 Reasons you HAVE to get Your Next Morning Meeting Catered

Meetings get a bad rap, but you can turn them from humdrum to extra with just one simple thing: a catered brunch. Let’s face it, getting breakfast in before you get to work can be nearly impossible. That’s why a catered morning meeting just makes sense. Whether you have a sales meeting to drum up business or an executives meeting to make important decisions, the fact is you need breakfast to get things off to a smooth start. Here are five reasons why a catered breakfast for your next morning meeting is a no-brainer:

1. Full Bellies Make Better Decisions:

Having things like a classic breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon or breakfast burritos will do wonders when it comes to getting things done. You’ve no doubt experienced ‘hanger’ (i.e., hungry anger) in your own life and seen how it can make things unproductive. Feed your people and see how much better your meeting goes.


2. Raise Morale:

When people feel appreciated, they typically do better work. Show your gratitude for those at your meeting, who showed up by catering a quality breakfast. It’s really amazing what a little parfait bar or mini chicken and waffles can do when it comes to employee spirits!


3. Make it Fun:

Fact; food makes things more fun. When you have something to look forward to like a delicious croissant or fresh fruit, the idea of a meeting is much more appealing. Make meetings seem less like a chore and more like a treat with catering!


4. Good Impressions:

Whether you are having a simple employee meeting or are meeting with a big new client, impressions always matter. A well-done catered brunch will speak volumes about what type of work you do and expect from others who work for you.


5. It’s Etiquette:

Don’t disappoint your attendees – when you have a morning meeting, it’s pretty much expected that you provide some type of refreshment. A catered breakfast will do much more to make your guests feel welcome and happy to be there than a box of donuts or a rushed pickup of lattes.

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