Five Tips for Planning Your Next Company Party

You either love them, or you hate them. Office parties can be a time of bonding and celebrating with your teammates, or a dread-filled debacle. These five tips from Green Mill Catering are designed to help you plan your next corporate event with success:

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Set the date well in advance and let your employees know so they can plan as well. There is no sense in trying to rush together a party at the last second. Your employees will feel forgotten, and they will notice the lack of preparation.

Create a Fair Schedule

If your party is planned far enough out, you can adjust schedules to ensure everyone gets to participate and nobody is abandoned at the office.

Budget Effectively

You need to plan for food, entertainment, and decorations. An excellent menu for catering services is a surefire way to show employees that you appreciate them.

Choose a Great Venue

Hosting an office party at your location often makes people feel uncomfortable socializing. Instead, choose a place that helps people relax and feel less pressure.

Thank Your Employees

Stage a raffle or hand out goodie bags. Make everyone feel appreciated for their hard work.

Green Mill Catering has years of experience catering business events. When it comes to catering corporate parties, we can help you plan the perfect menu to show your employees that you value their time and input.

Whether you are interested in catering buffets or a more formal seated meal, we can put together the perfect plan to fit your needs. Call today to find out more about the best catering services in the Twin Cities.