Winter Wedding Styles and Trends

Do you have a wedding coming up this winter that you’re having trouble planning for? Here are some noteworthy trends to help create a wonderful winter wedding.

The Invitations

We all know that one of the very first things you do when planning a wedding is sending out wedding invitations. But, what we don’t know is that the colors you use on the actual card itself matter. Using deep colors – such as burgundy, sienna, or a deep shade of purple – along with a metallic-colored border can really make your winter wedding invitation stand out.

Winter Wedding Invites



Having a unique, one-of-a-kind winter wedding is a great goal. Here are some ideas that could give your winter wedding just the touch it needs to avoid that dull, lifeless feel of so many weddings.

Wardrobe Change

Having two different dresses to wear throughout the night will help set your winter wedding apart for a couple of reasons. First, being able to switch the mood and pace of the event will make the bride feel like she has the best of both worlds. Secondly, it will make your guests want to stay longer since they will have another dress to look forward to seeing. This is an increasing trend in successful winter weddings.

Accent Pieces

Adding one small special touch to either your dress or your decor can really set you apart from the average bride. For example, you could add a striking pair of sparkly red shoes that will stand out against your all white dress, or included an embellished bouquet – simply a classic bouquet of flowers embroidered with crystals, vintage brooches, and other statement jewelry – as a centerpiece for each of your tables. And, since it is a winter wedding, I would suggest adding a few snowflakes into the bouquet as well!

Winter Wedding Accent Pieces


Let’s face it, wedding music can get extremely boring. Another unique wedding trend is to play styles of music that are not traditionally used for weddings. Playing a mix of indie, multi-cultural, and old-school styles of music will make your guests more interested in your event. Playing some classic holiday songs could help incorporate the winter them as well.


The food is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. At Green Mill Catering, our catering service can provide exceptional cuisine options of hearty and healthy foods to warm your wedding guests in the cold Minnesota winter!




We offer hor d’oeuvres and plated meals, including: Garlic Lobster Chicken, Filet Mignon, Pork Porterhouse, Baked Salmon in Dill Sauce and more. A vegetarian option is available with our Roasted Portobello.Pasta dishes include: Vegetable Alfredo with Trottole, Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Wild Mushroom & Chicken Penne and more.

We also offer Buffets and Family-Style Entrees – including Chicken Marsala, Tenderloin Medallions, Yankee Pot Roast, Rosemary Prime Rib and more.

There are also Lunch Buffets and A La Carte Sandwich and Salad options, Breakfast options and complete beverage services.

Pulling off a successful and spectacular winter wedding is no easy feat, but using some of the tips and tricks mentioned here – along with the wonderful Green Mill Catering options – will help you pull it off in style!