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  • Fresh Fruit Tray

    A great accompaniment to pizzas, sandwiches, and entrees. 26.99
    (120 cal/serving, 5 servings)

    Spinach Dip Tray

    Homemade, creamy spinach dip served with oven-baked bread. 24.99
    (700 cal/serving, 5 servings)

    Veggie Tray

    Fresh carrots, cucumbers, sliced bell peppers, broccoli, and celery with lite ranch. 26.99 (120 cal/serving,5 servings)

    Wing Tray

    Choose your chicken wings with three sauces.

    Naked Wings 37.99 serves 5
    Award-winning boneless wings without the breading.
    (320 cal/serving with no sauce, 5 servings)

    Classic Bone-in Wings 37.99 serves 5
    (480 cal/serving with no sauce, 5 servings)

    Boneless Wings 37.99 serves 5
    (480 cal/serving with no sauce, 5 servings)

    Sauces listed by heat level – mildest to hottest
    Jim Beam: Plum and barbeque (Add 20 cal/wing)
    Diablo: Sweet and spicy with a li’l kick (Add 25 cal/wing)
    Peking Zing: Spicy yet sweet (Add 10 cal/wing)
    Chipotle BBQ: With TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce (Add 10 cal/wing)
    NEW! Honey Ghost Pepper Sweet heat (Add 15 cal/wing)
    Buffalo: Our classic Dixie sauce (Add 5 cal/wing) and celery (5 cal/piece, 3 pieces)
    Extreme Jamaican: Tongue torching (Add 5 cal/wing)
    Add celery .59 (5 cal/piece, 3 pieces)

    Dipping Sauces:
    Ranch (2200 cal)
    Lite Ranch (100 cal)  
    Bleu Cheese (310 cal)  

    Items and prices may vary by location.

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