Featured image for post: Minnesota’s Best: Green Mill Catering!

Minnesota’s Best: Green Mill Catering!

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Are you looking for a catering service that offers high-quality food at affordable prices?


If so, then look no further than Green Mill Catering. Our success solely relies on satisfying customers with delicious meals and the best services in Minnesota. Our goal is simple – to provide high-quality dishes with top-notch service. We strive to exceed your expectations whether you are hosting a large party or looking for a fun evening at home. That’s why we won this award, and we’re so excited to share and celebrate this moment with you.


Read on to discover how Green Mill Catering stood out from the competition and why we are ranked as one of the best caterers in Minnesota.


Time to Celebrate the Wins

You may be wondering: Who awarded us? Who were we competing against? And how did we win? Here’s the answer.


Star Tribune, Minnesota’s top media company with over 1.4 million adult readers, runs a program called Minnesota’s Best. The program recognizes top local businesses in the state. Customers nominate businesses in different categories that participate in the contest.


Star Tribune thoroughly vets the nominees in each category to verify their services. Then, the public votes for the nominated businesses to determine who’s top in their industry.


Guess what!


We were among the winners of Minnesota’s Best 2022!


SILVER for Best Catering

Minnesota is a massive state with thousands of businesses in the food service industry. State statistics say that there are over 13,000 businesses in this industry. Out of all these businesses, Minnesotans nominated Green Mill Catering as their favorite caterer.


We made it through the nomination and the ballot. We broke through the competition and have proven ourselves as one of the premier caterers in the state!


Ranking second in a tough contest isn’t a thing to take lightly. It means people have enjoyed their experiences with us. We are excited to share our achievements and offer you the best catering services.


Celebrate the Win With Us

We WEREN’T lucky to win silver for best catering. At Green Mill Catering, we strive to offer the best services and satisfy our customers again and again. Our great menu is what put us on the radar. It pushed customers to nominate and vote for us as one of Minnesota’s best caterers. Here’s a sneak peek into our award-winning catering menu.


Our Award-Winning CATERING BANQUETS Menu

At Green Mill Catering, we believe that tasty meals are the center of every unique event. With the experience of our experts, you can make guests live to remember how delicious food was years after the event. We offer an award-winning banquet menu with delicious meals for events of every type and size.

We offer full catering services for any event, including


  • Hors D’Oeuvres – like skewers, crostinis, and stuffed mushrooms.
  • Dinner Entrées – such as beef, chicken, seafood, and more.
  • Dinner Pasta – like mostaccioli, shrimp scampi, and pasta pavarotti.
  • Lunch Buffet – like a taco bar, lunch pasta buffet, grille buffet, sandwich & salad, and more.
  • Breakfast/Brunch
  • Desserts
  • Beverage & Bar Services
  • Late-Night Snacks


Professional Catering for Your Special Events

We offer catering services fit for any special event you may host, including, but not limited to, the following- click on any of these that you may be interested in for a more in-depth overview of our services for each!



In addition to our award-winning menu, our catering services are customized to your needs when you hire us. Let us know what service style you want your dishes to be served, like family style, plated, buffet, or food stations, and we’ll do just that. Our event specialists can help you make an informed decision if you’re unsure what suits your guests and event.


Trust us. We’ve been in business for years. At Green Mill Catering, we offer guests a dining experience that’s one to remember.


Time to Plan Your Catering Needs for 2023

Are you planning a special event in 2023? Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or another special event, our team of professionals can help you succeed!


Green Mill Catering provides you with the best food service available in the area. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate function, or any other special occasion, our professional staff will provide you with the highest customer service and delicious cuisine standards.


We offer everything you need to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. From coordinating the menu to setting up tables, our team of professionals will ensure that your guests enjoy every moment of the experience.


Our event specialists have what it takes to plan feasts of all sizes and help to recommend the best foods that your guests will love.


Contact us today to arrange your next event with the help of our specialists.